Are Your Facebook Pictures Magically Disappearing?


Having problems with your photos on Facebook? You’re not alone.  It seems that some users are reporting their images are randomly disappearing in their Facebook albums. Old images, newly uploaded images both seem to be affected. Upon uploading and tagging a new image, saving it and then, “Hey where’d my picture go!?”

The odd part about the missing images isn’t just that the images are missing, but rather the image is missing and all associated meta-data is still intact.  The photo is still tagged, your captions are there, but the photo is missing. Is Facebook having issues with their backend? I have reached out to some Facebook staffers to get the scoop on the issue, but I havnt gotten any concrete answers yet. If you are plagued by the same problems, let us know in the comments.

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263 thoughts on “Are Your Facebook Pictures Magically Disappearing?

      • I tag a picture….It goes into my Profile album….next time I go to facebook it’s not there. Is someone removing the tag, I trust my Friends…..or should I ?

      • i have lost several albums and profile pic too….and also partner lost his profile pic and a few pics in his albums ……there is a lot of data missin too…facebook friend list and their web address’ , some of our wall data, events , our inbox messages and a lot more …….

      • I had the same problem in Chrome no pictures. I went under facebook settings and extensions and noticed i had enabled about 8 extensions. I took the enable check mark off all my extensions. Got out of facebook and then got back in it and noticed all my pictures were there. I then started adding one extension at a time. One the very first extension i added caused the pictures to disappear. This extension was ADblock Plus. So this extension is no longer enabled. I’m thinking the new version of ADblock Plus has the problem because I have used ADblock Plus for sometime without a problem. Now this problem was on my wife’s laptop. I have seen this problem on mine b/4 and I thought it was strictly a Chrome issue but it looks like its not this issue. Just the extension.

      • I’m very upset! I am missing like 20 albums with very precious pictures. All of 09/10 albums are gone and I can’t get a response from FB. Anybody know what is going on?

      • I cannot believe so many of my pictures are gone. What did you do with them? If I try to tag them again it says I already tagged them. I’m suppose to just take this? Aren’t those pictures my property? I am devastated by your error on my timeline. I want my pictures back and you can find them. Am I not suppose to be happy on facebook? Aren’t you going to reach out to me and tell me what to do? Marlene Houck

      • so have I although its only 12 mobile uploads.
        I’ve tried to contact fb in every single way(including reporting missing photos) nothing has happend no response….

    • ya, im upset about the pictures of me playing in the band and some others of long time friends… they just aren’t there anymore…. whats up with that. Maybe when people are checking your profile pics and mistankenly deleting them??????????

    • Yes some of my old photos are disappearing..they were there 3 days ago but not now…also new post indicate they my friends are sending a photo but just the post and no photo.

  1. The photos for our business page, Blue Buddha Boutique, disappeared for several weeks. We re-uploaded some of them. The other ones magically reappeared again one day. No clue why. And now, some of our comments are disappearing….

  2. I am having this problem as of today with some 30 images or so that are gone & yes, the data is still intact. It seems also very selective: some folders are wiped out while others are a missing just a few. While trying to reorganize the images, they briefly reappeared, I tried then to move them to a different folder, but then they were gone altogether for good. Also, my profile image, although still visible is gone from the images profile folder. I am wondering if someone might have flagged my images as a prank & if that would affect anything..

  3. 3 of my photo albums just went missing including my profile pics…still labeled, tagged, and comments are still there…. So bizaaar.

  4. Last night I created a new album and uploaded 33 photos. All worked fine last night and then this morning those photos were gone, yet the album and data was intact. Also, one of my old albums is now also missing its photos. Since this is apparently becoming increasingly common, why is there no response or comment anywhere from Facebook?

  5. Two very important albums seem to be there still, but cant see any of the photos :( plus cant upload any new :( wtf is happening?!?! :(

  6. I have lost many photos but the caption is still intact. they are pics of my youngest who only has 3-6 months to live. I went back and saved the mobile uploads that still show up just to be safe

    • if your facebook photos disappear,try this-click on tools,click on options,click on content,click on load images auto,click on exceptions button- see facebook listed – note if there is a BLOCK . if there is, change the BLOCK to ALLOW- i tired this method and got ALL my photos back!!!!!

    • Are you talking about internet options. I am not getting the content part of your answer. I get the word content, but nothing about click on load images auto, etc. Is this somewhere other than internet options in IE

  7. I am facing the same problem which was mentioned above. a lot of important pictures have been disappeared and i am curious,,,,,

  8. I have had the same issue and it’s getting worse day by day!! Facebook doesn’t seem to give a care of do anything about it!!!

  9. if your facebook photos disappear,try this-click on tools,click on options,click on content,click on load images auto,click on exceptions button- see facebook listed – note if there is a BLOCK . if there is, change the BLOCK to ALLOW- i tired this method and got ALL my photos back!!!!!

  10. my photos have too dessapeared …some photos from some albums…but the wierd thing is if my boyfriend logs into my photo albums the pics are still there!!please help these pics are precious!!where are they going??i noticed over a week ago n they still havnt come back!!

  11. All of my albums appear to be gone to be. Vanished completely. I can’t see them, any pictures, comments or anything… No idea what happened. They were there, then gone.. there again and now gone. All in about ten minutes!

    This happened about a month ago in my Boxes tab (which was annoying, but I didn’t care about that like I do my pictures)! Those things in the boxes tab never have come back.

    I have my photos in my own hard drive, but this is still very irritating! I can see them through other friends’ pages and get in to view the albums, comments, etc. I just can’t touch them from my own profile! So weird!

  12. The Cure…

    It’s def a FIREFOX problem people – read teva benshlomo’s helpful tip:

    “if your facebook photos disappear,try this-click on tools,click on options,click on content,click on load images auto,click on exceptions button- see facebook listed – note if there is a BLOCK . if there is, change the BLOCK to ALLOW”

    Seems FIREFOX automatically blocks certain images from loading.

  13. All my friends and my own photos and images are gone. I would like to know how to get them restored back to my pages. How can I

  14. Same here…photos come and go–sometimes the cover photo will show up and say that it has 24 photos but nothing is in the album. And sometimes there is no cover photo and it says 0 photos.

  15. I have just recently experienced the exact same issues. Very precious pictures and sexual heartfelt posts just disappeared from a very special persons wall.

    This worried me.

    Please fix these technical issues with Facebook as agreat number of people are saying the same thing the same issue and it’s upsetting everyone.

    Thank you.


  16. I’m facing this problem right now and it’s very frustrating. All of my friends’ avatars plus my own have magically disappeared. I’ve tried to upload another avatar picture and everything is fine until I click save and then of course, you see no picture! Just like that, it disappears.
    It is more than frustrating and I would appreciate some feedback on this.

  17. My pics are disappearing too! The solutions I’m finding I can’t even follow because I can’t find the photo ap or lower left hand corner icon or whatever I’m instructed to start- need explicit directions- PLEASE! asap!

  18. I am not using firefox so what am I suppose to do.All the solutions seem to br for firefox users but I am using yahoo.Please help me too.Thanks!

  19. If you can back your pictures back by unblocking them you’re lucky.

    Unfortunately, Facebook has issues as well. Various of our pictures have disappeared whether we are using Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. Nothing is blocked…

  20. I find it strange that it just seems to be random images disappearing. Several of my profile photo’s as well as random images in my albums have disappeared. I have wondered what is going on.

    • I have a fix on this issue. Open the missing or blank photo, click rotate clockwise (rotate buttons is on the right side below of the picture). The photo now will appear, click rotate counter clockwise.

  21. I haven’t had any problems with albums, but the photos of contacts are not showing up. I still have all my contacts, but no images. Even if I go to other contact sites, the photos don’t show up there either. Any ideas??

  22. Facebook is full of bugs. At best it is unreliable, however it is worse than that. People may be expecting a response, and you think you gave a response, but it get’s removed somehow before the other person see’s it.

    Facebook is a toy, and you should not expect it to work when you need it to.

  23. My profile picture album has completely gone,
    but if you click on my photo and then click on the ‘view photos’ link at the top, my profile album comes up as a normal album but is named ‘Profile Archive album’ ?

  24. My facebook pictures are really giving me a hard time. Some show up, some don’t. I use the latest version of firefox and I’m on a Mac. It’s really annoying. Almost makes facebook unusable.

  25. My profile photos albumn has disappeared. I cant click on my profile photo for it to enter into the profile photo albumn. However i still get notifications of people ‘Liking’ and ‘Commenting’ my photo, and when i click on the notification it goes to the albumn like it never disappeared :/ thats the only way i can access my profile photo albumn. – If someone ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ on any of my profile photos. Help ?

  26. It happen to me when I blocked one of the links I did not want to display. If you use Firefox then Go to the “Tools” menu.
    Choose “Options.”
    Click on the “Content” tab.
    Across from “Load images automatically,” click “Exceptions.”
    Highlight the Facebook URL.
    Click “Remove site.”
    Close the Exceptions window.
    Click “OK.”
    Restart your browser.

    If you use Google Chrome go to the “Tools” menu.
    Choose “Extensions”You must have some filters there .
    Check”Options” for the each filter. Facebook URL must by on one of them ( in AdThwart Options click ‘Add your own filters” and remove every Facebook URL)
    Restart your browser.
    It should work- it worked for me!

  27. My albums do not show in the (news) feed. Sometimes the album is visible on my profile page sometimes it’s not. Same behavior when I go to the albums overview page. Or you can click on the album but it claims that there are no images in the album.

    The problems are inconsistent. Very annoying.

  28. I have some problems facebook too. My photos sometimes disappear. an also, i get those “red notifications” that my photos or links where commented or liked by someone, but when i go to check them out, they aren’t there. how to fix this annoying thing?

  29. I am missing the images on top of the page. I have changed my privacy settings to what they recommended. Has anyone had this problem?

  30. Some of my photos disappeared too. They are missing on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, so I guess it is a Facebook issue.

    If anyone knows how to fix it, please help. I tried the advice from teva benshlomo, but it did not help.

    • This is what is happening to me too – mine are disappearing from oldest to newest at random times. Doesn’t appear to be linked to uploading new albums (i.e. not like a “max limit on total albums so we delete the old ones” situation). Is it the same for you?

  31. I’m using IE 8.0 on a PC with Windows 7. Most of my albums are missing some pictures. Some albums are missing all pictures. The missing pictures have a little red X in the upper left corner. Comments and captions are still there.

  32. I just noticed ALL my concert albums are gone from FB. A few albums from my trip to Australia are also gone. Weird that its mainly the concert photos that are gone.

  33. what’s up, this is so uncool my Brazin Racein photos are all gone as well many others. I am missing at least SIX albums.

  34. Okay mine is a completely different story, I deactivated my profile and a few days later logged back in, suddenly when you click on my profile picture, my old profile pictures dont come up, instead it says “no photos in this album” when all the old profile pictures that are supposed to come up have been put in another album but don’t come up when you click on my profile picture. I’m really confused and don’t know what to do, if anyone can help me I’d really appreciate it.

  35. Can somebody please fix facebook? My profile picture keeps disappearing and reappearing blah! I never had this problem can somebody please fix it’s getting annoying.

  36. I have photos that I cannot replace that have disappeared on FB in my photos. I’m heart broken. This was a site that I had grown to trust and now I can’t replace these photos.

  37. Unfortunately, my profile pics album is there-again, gone-again for the past week & it is NOT any better in Internet Explorer than in Firefox =( There is also sometimes missing data, recent posts off my wall, sometimes they are there. Sometimes the link to my profile pics album works & sometimes it says ‘there are no photos in this album’ I am VERY frustrated at this point. All other albums seem to be OK. Tried deactivating/reactivating account, tried removing profile picture all together & uploading new (made it worse.) If someone else views my profile, my profile pic is blank unless I have just refreshed it enough to make it there. If I am inactive on the account for over 10 minutes-ish, it is always gone again- ? Very weird. I hope fb fixes this soon.

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  39. I am experiencing the same problem. I had another facebook account and did not have this problem until I recently created a new account. Every now and then my photo album will vanish then later reappear. Also, my default picture will change to the previous photo I had before it. It is really annoying and probably lead to deleted facebook accounts if this does not get fixed. -angry facebooker

  40. I just noticed that whole albums are missing. Single shots from the albums are there. Is there any possibility of getting these restored?

  41. All of my albums have disappeared along with my video my notes, etc….uploads! WTF??? I don’t even see tabs for any of them any longer. This is driving me nuts!

  42. ALL my albums and album details have disappeared from my facebook page for my photography business. This is not good!! NOT happy!

  43. After I noticed the photos disappearing, my FB page was also removed. It’s all back now though.

    Server replication / synchronisation issues maybe?

  44. I was trying to put a pic on profile pic, had n luck, however what did happen was that my most recent remarks and pics all disappeared. And now in their place are remarks and pics from months and months ago.

  45. I’m missing ALBUMS, I went to show a friend a trip i went on a year ago and the album was nowhere to be found, if i don’t update an album in a certain amount of time does Facebook delete them?
    I’m pretty mad because I don’t even have those pictures anymore.

  46. I have an entire album missing, but my roommate is tagged in a few of the photos, and they still show up in her tagged photos, and i can comment them from there. I’m really sad, because it was the album of all the food I’ve been cooking, it’s something I’m proud of!

  47. All my wall photos disappeared this spring. Well, what can you expect? This is probably facebook’s way of trying to charge fees. GREED!!!

  48. I am slowing but surely losing my oldest albums. It appears that every several weeks, when I check the list of albums, the oldest ones have been cut from the bottom of the list. I used to have over 200 albums but since FB has removed this information (and I am too lazy to count them manually) I don’t know how many I still have. But what I do know is that the oldest ones are slowly but surely disappearing. It doesn’t seem to be linked to the uploading of new albums. I can upload two or three new albums and the oldest albums in the list are still there, but then an indeterminant time later another bunch have disappeared from the bottom of the list. I have now done a careful list of all the oldest albums and their links (public and private) in preparation for the next time it happens, because no matter how many times I report it to FB, nothing happens and they make no contact with me to fix the problem. Frustrating!

  49. where do we find “tools”? I am using Safari. My new album is there, but images don’t show until you click on the blank box with a ? in it. Help.

  50. I had photos tagged to create my banner. I noticed the banner photos were suddenly no longer aligned properly. I removed them and planned to put them back. But now, even though the photos are tagged, they don’t show up in my banner. In fact, there are no blank spaces at the top of my profile for the photos to go. How do I get them back? I want my banner back.

  51. My profile picture is gone off my FB account. All there is is a little red x up in the left hand corner inside a small box….click on the red x nothing…this is a pain in the bu//. Went to the help link on FB and of course no help…

  52. Pictures of my friends will show on my wall one moment then disappeared the next moment. It is a hit and miss if I see them. What is the cause? How do I fix this problem?

  53. Hello one question, I was having the same issue, by any chance any of the users here that has had the issue, has it been with a phone, I have a windows 7 phone C900 QUANTUM. Is anybody using a windows phone 7. Thanks so much. All my facebook albums disappeared, I may still upload, but they don’t appear on the phone.

  54. I am having the same problem. ALL of my facebook albums have dissappeared!!! Where did they go? How can I get them back? Who can I contact?

  55. Lost one or two of my oldest albums… anyone know how i can fix this???? If this sort of thing continues to happen in FB., i will not wonder if it will have the same fate as Friendster! Grrrr….. am so angry and sad to loose my albums….

  56. I just recently got a new phone and it seems that all the pictures that i uploaded from my old phone are now gone. the albums are still there but they now all say they are empty. Along with the mobile uploaded pictures some of my more recent albums seemed to have dissapeared as well. Any ideas on how to get them back?

  57. photos friends are uploading arent showing up on my wall….photos from links posted are showing..friends profile photo are no longer showing up either. However photos posted by my friends are showing up on my iphone but not their profile photos. I have another laptop and some are showing up and some arent. I cant figure it out and wonder if its FB glitch?

  58. So far, I see one pic that is gone, but the words in the comment section are still there. It was a funny pic of my dogs in the snow that I considered contest-worthy, and I am wondering if there is any way somebody could have stolen it for their own purposes. I don’t have more than 40 pics (total) on my page, so I know it isn’t because there is too much data there. This is frustrating, and I wish I was able to see a list of who may have been in my pics recently.

  59. Experienced the same thing… I don’t know exactly when that thing happened, but earlier as I was checking some of my photos, I have discovered that almost 15 albums are missing… I need to get them back, those are my only copies… PLEASE HELP ME… Thanks!!! =)

  60. I downloaded all my Facebook content on Nov. 21. Last week-end I was looking for photos in my profile for my annual Christmas card, and realized that all of my albums prior to 2011 are gone. I’m not sure if this is a glitch in Facebook or if it has something to do with downloading the content.

  61. For me, it’s not just the pictures. In fact, I only have one up on my profile. It comes and goes at random! But, other things behave the same way. For instance, I’ve added a ton of favorite movies, authors, bands, etc, and the lists will randomly change. It does this with a lot of other things… For instance: the city where I live occasionally vanishes; the list of posts on my Wall also fluctuates, with some disappearing then reappearing; my thumbnail picture sometimes appears just how I set it, sometimes it’s out of focus (showing just my forehead) and sometimes it’s just empty; I set two email addresses and one keeps vanishing; I set two website links and both randomly come and go; etc.

    This is NOT a Firefox issue. I originally was using Opera. I switched to Firefox to see if it’d help, it didn’t. I’ve also tried from different computers and the behavior is exactly the same, no matter what! Also, I’ve asked a friend if he could see my picture, and he also saw it disappear at one point, so it’s obviously something within Facebook itself that is messed up!

    I’ve tried everything from emptying my cache to removing extensions and plugins but, as I said, if it’s a Facebook problem none of these solutions would be likely to work anyway (and they didn’t).

    So what the hell is going on? I’ve only recently started using FB and it’s not really making me want to stick around :-(

  62. I am having the same problem. Alll profile pictures are missing. I didn’t have many album pictures, but some of those might even be missing too. Facebook is no help whatsoever. You go to their help center and when there’s no answer there – when you tell them that – they say “thanks for the feedback” and that’s it. No attempt whatsoever to communicate. It’s the same thing when they change FB too. They barely tell you what is changed if at all. I don’t think I’ll be using Facebook much longer.

  63. All my photo albums disappeared a few weeks ago, some family/friends say they can see them all but i cannot see them on my computer, so fusterated, no one on fb to help me , this stuff “Stinks”

  64. since dec 7 2011 my photos have disappeared and a whole album,fb has not told me anything for 3 weeks about this problem, and the number of photos are there but when u open the album you dont see the amount of photos it said was in the album,i want my photos back, i dont have copies..

  65. Same issue really…. I’ve recently got a smartphone (android) and any messages I put on Facebook that are just text stay there fine. If I upload a picture message, it stays for a while and then disappears from the news feed. The picture is still in my mobile uploads album, but no longer where I posted it.

    This is really bugging me, as it’s one of the reasons I got the phone!

    My friend has the same phone, and her photo messages stay put and behave as they should. Is it a settings issue? Do I need to change an option somewhere? I’ve been through the Facebook account options and nothing is even close.


  66. I had some tagged photos back in jan of 2011 they dissapeared a few months later an jus have reappeared an it has caused some problems with my marriage an I want too know why they were gone for so long? I thought they may have been untagged or something an I didn’t even get notified when they weree put back up I did not want those photos back too begin with

  67. All my pics before November 2011 are missing. i had multiple albums and now they are no more in FB. I need an answer from FB or I am to publish this

  68. I’m missing my Wall Photos album and have no idea how to recreate it or get the pictures back! :( Anyone have any tips?

  69. I had two pictures that I recently posted on my wall disappear. Pictures posted before and after are still there. The pictures originated with me and were not tagged from some where else. What gives?

  70. Just happened to me. I uploaded a store sign that uses a Font very very similar to the SEGA Genesis Font. Shouldn’t have copyright issues as I made it and it isn’t exactly the sam? I Dunno

  71. I have several pictures in my cake picture albums that are missing. The captions are still there but the pictures are missing. This is very frustrating. I hate to have to re-upload them as there are quite a lot of them.

  72. On my facebook “page”, all the photos that myself & others who’ve seen me perform at my shows have tagged, are all gone. Under my page name Gilbert Carrizales, under the photo tab, all my tagged photos are missing. My albums are still there, but my tagged photos are gone. How did this happen?

  73. Yes. Two of my profile pictures, including a picture I designed, are now replaced with a mini jpeg icon. I don’t think it has to do with tags (one of mine doesn’t have a tag). This is ridiculous though. The kinks need to be ironed out already. It’s been months. I want my pictures. ><

  74. I’ve had this problem for a month now. I filed a report with Facebook but have gotten no response from them. I’m ready to give up and am thinking that I won’t share photos anymore. Perhaps its time to use Google. they have till the end of March and I’m gone.

  75. I’ve lost LOTS of pics! I thought it was just older ones when I changed over to the new ‘timeline” but even my recent ones disapperead the next day- still with the titles and tags.

  76. Some of my pics recently disappeared.They are typically older pics I posted at least 2 yrs ago……….all the info is there,none of them have “tags”,just randomly gone??

  77. It seems that problem is in Firefox, because when I load FaceBook in Chrome everything is OK. Loading my FB profile with FireFox making some of my pictures invisible.

  78. some of mine are gone too .. the thing that hurt more is that the HDD were the originals were in is fried :(
    have i lost those pics forever ??

  79. My photos are disappearing, too!!! Same thing:captions & tags are intact but many photos are missing!!! I am upset as could be!!! What is going on????

  80. Lost my profile pic about 2 1/2 weeks ago. If you cannot see it here, that’s why. Also lost several pics of friends in that “friend box”. If I can’t see their profile pics, does it mean that they have lost theirs too?

  81. I had 2 FB accounts susan mathes ,which I never use ,and the one i use is gone .My friends can see me on their pcs but I can’t.When I log in susan lappin Mathes which is the ac

    • if u want to fix this problem … its very easy…
      just go to–> { Account Setting’s} .. then go to { Security } and then unchecked { Secure Browsing } And save ….Finish…

      this guide work 100%


  82. It’s not my own pic’s missing rather it’s that I can’t see other peoples pic’son my facebook :/ and it’s different friends each day, any sugggestions ?

  83. yes i have the same problem ………on thursday or wedn somthin i uploaded my photos and on friday i was not able to see those pics………dont know what happened ….,they just disappeared…………..

  84. My cover photo keeps going into lines, it uploads fine, but then after a short while just becomes horizontal lines……This started yesterday?

  85. Yeah, weird. I was tagged yesterday and the tag is still there but all of a sudden it just disappeared from my timeline. Though all the other pictures I was tagged in weren’t removed. It was the best picture from a show I did two days ago. WTF?!

  86. I had an album named “Rupali’s pic” (album was open only to few selective frens ) and its been nearly 2 weeks now that my album is missing from my Facebook …….earlier I had the same problem and with the same particular album disappearing but it was back within 3 days in FB…but this time ……Please help me out.

  87. I put quite a few pictures on the facebook home page, and when I go back to look, I am lucky t find 1 or 2 of them still on there but the rest are gone. That’s been happening quite a bit. Where are they? Please give me an answer!!!! Than you!

  88. My sister is having the same problem with her profile picture. I reloaded it for her yesterday, and suddenly it’s gone. Obviously, it’s a problem with Facebook, and it’s been happening for years according to the blogs on the Internet. Some have reported losing their entire photo albums. So, be sure to save your photos and don’t rely on Facebook to safe keep your pictures.

  89. Lost videos of “in the flesh” plane crash at AT&T park and the whole Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary fireworks display. Not only have they disappeared from my timeline butt also off of my phone. In both cases I have videos from moments before and af

  90. Lost videos of “in the flesh” plane crash at AT&T park and the whole Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary fireworks display. Not only have they disappeared from my timeline butt also off of my phone. In both cases I have videos from moments before and after both missing videos. They were still on my timeline for awhile but have completely disappeared now. Would like to watch them someday. Any good news on this?

  91. Today some random photographs from different albums went missing, all metadata is still there. I see this threadwas started back on March 2009 and now it’s been over three years and is still happening. So sad!

  92. I have lost 7 albums from my business page, all I got from them was their initial solution which of course did not work. They said my photos should show up soon but a year later the album markers are there but my photos are not. It is not like I can just reload the pics. My albums are a collage of pics from all of our students some which have transferred or moved etc. So becuase of whatever happen at facebook I have lost my 7 albums basically forever, and they were no help in the matter…..It seems like they do not know what happen but dont want to admit to us what happen to our pics.

  93. I’m having Wall Photos disappear from my Timeline. They photos that disappear are still in my Wall Photos album, they just don’t display on my main page. It happens to random photos, I see no pattern.

  94. experiencing that problem right now. My photos and links, friends, albums and posts with photos or graphics have largely disappeared from my pages. Registered the fault/issue and guess what, yep, nothing, nada from facebook. I cleared out the cache on my laptop, ran virus scans, deleted unused or rogue cookies and unused programmes, but the problem persists.

  95. I’m having Wall Photos disappear from my Timeline. They photos that disappear are still in my Wall Photos album, they just don’t display on my main page. It happens to random photos, I see no pattern.

  96. Yes, I’ve faced the same problems. My photos disappear from the News Feed. It is very frustrating because it’s so random and worsened after the “Promote” button was installed. I’m wondering if this is another money-making manipulation by FB. Thinking of quitting FB.

  97. My photo albums have vanished from Facebook and have been gone for a long time. Is there any way to retrieve them /access them?

  98. I have the same problem. An album I created with my sister and her family has disappeared! I did contact facebook and would like to know how they can do this and how do I get these pictures back! I just started on facebook this year (still learning) and I am very upset about this! What else can I do about this?

  99. My boyfriend lost a new photo I had send him and severel photos I sent a year ago. Also he lost some Christmas pics from this year that he took. Trying to make a connection between them, but I can’t.

  100. Quite a few of photos have disappeared from my business facebook page and I have just uploaded one and it disappeared straight away!

  101. This is the second time some of my pictures have disappeared. Everytime FB upgrades something else always goes wrong. I use/post pictures on a daily basis so having pictures come up missing does not help. They have been missing almost a week this time. Any ideas how to resolve this issue? I’ve already sent trouble tickets & just get the basic form letter in my e-mail.

  102. I lost a TON of pictures and things are not showing in my pic folder or some are and not posting it a 50/50 fuckup. What gives?

  103. Facebook photos have disappeared. Comments appear, but no photos.
    If I upload a photo, the same thing happens. Always comments, but no photos.What can I do about it. I’m ready to disable my acct.

  104. I am having the same problem with photos disappearing. The comments remain on the timeline post, which then looks meaningless. The photos also disappear from my timeline album. I saw a suggestion on here about clicking on “tools” and “options”, “loading images”, etc., but I can’t find tools or options on my facebook page. What can we do about this? It’s so frustrating to be a “customer” of facebook, but have zero customer service available. Is there anybody there at facebook to be responsible for mistakes and problems?

  105. First off I would like to say wonderful blog!
    I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing. I have had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there. I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Appreciate it!

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  108. Alot of my photos and albums have dissapearsd. How do I get them back? They were sentamental to me.

  109. I have experienced this, I use Firefox browser normally but when I used IE browser the pictures were there. I was recommended to clear the History and Cookies from Firefox and hey presto the pictures returned. Hope this helps some people

  110. I am experiencing this problem right now, the photos in my Mobile Uploads album disappeared and I was not editing the album prior to their disappearance. Is anyone else encountering this problem?

  111. Missing a years worth of photos!!!! Including all of my photos with my husband who passed away 3 months ago!!! Pls help!!!

  112. I just lost many pics over the weekend :( Contacted FB and yet no response received yet. Read that many users are facing this problems and received either no solution or even yet, no reply from FB. Seems that FB is getting insincere in keeping their users..

  113. I’m missing quite a few of my Facebook photo albums. I can’t find half of them and I’m very upset! I want them back!! Please email me back. They updated things once again and now half my Facebook photos are gone? What the heck is going on??? :-( not happy!

  114. OK what has happened all my albums have some how gone.. all my collections research I had every GONE what has happened and what do I do.. please don’t tell me I cant get them back took me ages to put them all together

  115. Complaint 10 times including by e-mail. Their answer? “Let us know if you find the Salutation”. I even send Snips to show it. Unbelievable! No help at all. It is going on for some time now. Maybe the fazing us out and just keep it for business People. No one has an Answer.

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